About us

Kvaka25 provides a holistic approach to Internet Marketing. For our clients we create a strategy from start to finish, taking into account all the channels that may lead to increased sales. We advise our clients and provide them with continuous support in all marketing activities. Our specialty is innovation, creativity and high-educated professionals who with their innovative ideas and solutions for your business can really make the difference.

About  us

In short, we are digital marketing agency specialized in internet marketing, mobile marketing and development of web applications adapted to the requirements of SMEs. Also, with the knowledge that we have we provide consulting services in the field of digital marketing and overall marketing strategy.


Regardless of whether it is large or small the project, our experience and knowledge, and a special approach to every client is guarantee of success. From the initial to the final stage. We are with you all the way delivering high-quality and comprehensive solutions.
For you, we will do our best to make the best solution tailored exactly to you with specific steps that will lead us to a result.

Social media marketing90%
Internet marketing90%
Mobile marketing30%
Web development30%

We bring new customers to your business and we increase your visibility on the Internet.

You can devote to your clients, and we will make sure that you find the new ones.

Kvaka25 – Digital Agency


Our services

Our services are a product of our experience and passion for new technologies. Our mission is to provide our clients a powerful and measurable marketing to attract new customers. Using modern marketing tools and our knowledge and experience we will help you achieve growth and profit. For you we will make the mobile application customized for your business, but also advise you on marketing strategy and operations.

Would you like to increase your sales and start advertising on Internet, but don’t know how?
We offer consulting services and assistance in the implementation of the project – We work by method “hold your hand” showing you the most advanced techniques and tools of business and marketing. We will analyze your business with concrete plans and steps to improve your marketing operations, processes and funnels.

Mobile marketing

Did you know that the SMS readership rate is around 99%?
If you want to organize a SMS sweepstakes, launch a new product, increase sales or just inform customers about discounts – mobile marketing is the most effective way to achieve that and reach new customers. We offer the service of sending promotional messages to your customer base or through mobile advertising.

Social media marketing

Do you want to professionally manage your brand on social networks?
We offer the service of professional Facebook pages, management of all activities and communication of your online communities, content creation, Facebook  advertising, and post buy analysis. We bring new fans to you and we are working by our innovative the model “From fan to customer ™”

Internet marketing

Did you know that 93% of all purchase decisions begin with an online search?
Our Certified Google Experts analyze, plan and implement a successful Google AdWords ad campaigns. Our service includes the use of a comprehensive and systematic strategy that begins by setting goals, the conceptual design and planning of the promotional campaign and ends with the report and analysis of the campaign.

Strategic plans and analysis

Do you need a strategic document with the development of online communication, branding or selling on the Internet? We will make an analysis of market and your competition and perfectly understand your product and target customers. On the basis of precise and thorough evaluation we will draw up a strategic marketing plan for your company with the concrete steps of promoting and selling your products or services.

Web site development

You need a website? Or, you have a website, but you want to modernize and adapt it to mobile phones? The solutions we offer are made and designed to provide you with the best way to enable you the presence of your company on the Internet.
We are with you from the first to the last step, from drafting and designing your new website to the marketing of your page.

Learn more about the benefits of Kvaka25™ method of Internet advertising which is successfully used by more and more of our clients to achieve the quickest and best possible results



Save over 35% on our popular Kvaka25™ packages


3500 KN/month
    • Save 25% – 5000 KN
    • Google AdWords Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Google Analytics Analysis
    • Auditing and Optimizing Activities
    • 2h Consulting Call
    • Banner Display Ads Design
    • Kvaka25™ Marketing Method

* Services can be ordered separately
* Agency fee 10% not included
* Tax is not charged on the basis of the law – article 90 on tax


5500 KN/month
    • Save 25% – 7500 KN
    • Facebook Page Community Management
    • + your choice Social Network
    • Facebook Ads
    • Reporting and Optimization
    • Content Marketing
    • 2h Consulting Call
    • Pro Social Media Banners and Visuals
    • From Fan to Buyer™ Method

* Services can be ordered separately
* Agency fee 10% not included
* Tax is not charged on the basis of the law – article 90 on tax


500 KN/hour
    • Save 25% – 700 KN
    • Process Auditing & Analysis
    • Sales and Mkt. Process Analysis
    • Recommendation and Optimization reports
    • Implementation plans
    • Social Media plans
    • Online Promotions plans
    • SWOT, PEST i 3C’S methodology
    • Marketing Funnel Set-Up plans

* List of services that are based on price schedule
* Total price of service depends on number of working hours
* Tax is not charged on the basis of the law – article 90 on tax

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